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Leslie M. Koerdt



From:  Scranton, Arkansas

Resides:  Houston, Texas

Univeristy of Arkansas Alumni


This Arkansas country girl is a lifelong Razorback, Cardinal, Cowboy fan living in the big city.  There has never been a time in my life that has not included sports.  I was a typical gym rat and ballpark brat, nothing has really changed- except now it is my job! 


For my passion of sports I have my family to thank.  Not only for exposing me to them, but for never putting the notion in my head that there was anything unusual about my passion.  Both of my parents have been coaches to me and my siblings and traveled nightly for four kids playing (and coaching) on basketball, baseball, softball, track teams for over 20 years. 


I love sports- I follow them, I study them, I am passionate about them.  It makes sense that I research, talk, analyze, debate, write, and, when time allows, play sports. 



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